Just how fit are these kiwis?

One of the benefits of jetlag is getting up early and exploring. Seeing all the kiwis also up at 5am doing fitness in all forms (mostly the most energetic varieties) got me thinking how active are these new Zealanders. Well, they are fit as the proverbial butchers dog if their “Active People” survey is anything to go by Www.activenzsurvey.org.nz

Apparently a phenomenal 79 per cent of adults participate in at least one sport or recreation activity each week. That is double the England levels! Even more impressive is that 48 per cent participate at least five times  a week. On closer scrutiny it appears that activity includes fishing, gardening and occupational work so maybe they are not so much fitter, although as I sit here on my fat pommie backside in burger king I think there are some significant differences.




2 thoughts on “Just how fit are these kiwis?

    • Tell James its a good job i’m on other side of world otherwise I’d have been round to sort him out. That is my “turtle smile” which my girls hate me doing. Hope you not too cold in UK, its been sunny and warm here since we arrived. Not been fishing yet but had best fish and chips ever (blue gill fish which not heard of) two nights in a row here in Tauranga which is where we are staying before head up to Whangarei on Wednesday. I’ll keep you posted on the fishing.

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