To the beach

Will be off grid for about week as we head out to the beach today for Xmas. Mike and family have been fantastic hosts since we arrived in Whangarei on Wednesday. Training going well with a walk up PArarkiore mountain and also couple hours walk back from dropping off the hire car. Got myself a GPS (garmin etrex 20) but still working out how it functions. It’s loaded with nz maps supposedly including the te araroa trail. Alice has been under Trent’s guiding hand and been shooting his guns and riding his 250cc dirt bike, also tasting his home brewed spirits (he has a still and makes rum,whisky,vodka,gin and a very tasty coffee liquor when mixed with “raw ” milk stra!ight  from his dairy cows ).  Will post a few pics later. I have set up a Facebook site too!.

One thought on “To the beach

  1. Hi Nick – good to see the training is going well – Mt Manganui trek sounds awesome. Hope the ones 10x that size go OK! Not sure if home made spirits was on the original training schedule, but it is Xmas. Have a great Xmas and keep up the training for the New Year expedition. Cheers. Mart.

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