Day 1 Cape Reinga

Here we go. Stayed overnight in Kaitaia and picked up by sand runner tour bus at 9. Think coach driver was called Sandy! This sand theme is going to feature heavily! Picked up others en route and I ended up next to stinky Frenchman I nicknamed “le tosspot”. He was in love with himself and used his Gallic charm to get people to do things for him whilst he lay down in the aisle blocking everyone. Mon dieu! Sandy the driver was good and gave a nice spiritual feel to the parting of loved ones saying he hoped the experience would help those who had lost loved ones and he sang to us in moari (le tosspot talked through most of this). Ended up at Cape Reinga about midday in blazing sun. Here are couple of photos at cape and about to start.

It all starts here

It all starts here


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