Day 2 twilight beach to the Bluff on 90 mile beach

Beautiful morning, the night and the tide were kind to this weary traveller. looks like its gonna be a hot day for walking. Didn’t feel too bad put not looking forward to putting on that beast of a ruchsack again. starting with 2.5 litres water to get me across Scott point and onto 90 mile beach and Te Paki Stream about 8kms away. Waiting for sun to come over the hill so can dry tent a bit as was lot of dew. Looks like I missed DOC camp which was 100m away up some steps from beach but I was perfectly happy here. Rucksack is bothering me as not sure I’ve got it packed and adjusted right plus I have definitely brought too much stuff, could be difference between “semi enjoyable” walk and an ordeal. Also just realised packed two packets of smaller dose of the thyroxine I take rather than one of each so will have to ration this.

2.15pm Te Paki Stream

Cooling off with my feet in the stream. Noone about until came down steep steps on the beach where met a chines guy camping and fishing. not good at english but said he’d nealy come a cropper on the rock as wave hit him. I’m only 4kms on the beach but seems like ages already. Distances just dont seem to to happen and I must stop looking back as when I do I have hardly travelled anywhere. Been drinking looks of water here at the stream and filling up all my bottles to ensure dont run out (not sure of water supplies until get to Hukatere some 49km further down. Boy this is tough going with a rucksack. I’ve packed it a bit better than yesterday but front of shoulders are rubbing raw. Got one blister on right big toe which im going to cover before head off. Quite a few 4WD vehicles have come down stream so far and Ill head off before coaches come. Not sure where I’ll end up tonight, probably on dunes as doesn’t seem to be anywhere else.

8.45pm The Bluff

F’ing Hell, F’ing Hell, F’ing Hell… what a day, no shade no respite, relentless sun sand sea and sky. I’m just glad there has been a sea breeze which stopped me cooking. its been a bad day and a good day too. the good has beenthe fantastic hospitality of the Hetaraka Whanau ladies who made me feel so welcome at their camp when I stumbled on it having nothing left in the tank from 28kms walking. I’ve been treated as a honoured guest by Nanny – Mere, Rosina and Bronwyn Hetaraka, and Renae Tolau who treated me to acup of tea follwoed by Nannys delicious Christmas Cake (4 slices!) then the most delicious “boil up” of pork bones, potatoes and sald. Really lovely gesture and hope I have thanked them enough. Other “trail magic” was being given a cold cold beer by bunch of blokes in a van bombing down the beach. The bad bits are that I am developing more blisters and the count is up to four. Have soaked feet in sea and will dress them in morning. The beach just goes on and on and I am only quarter of way down. Hoping will cope with 30kms trek tomorrow to Hukatere (met Paul the owner on beach who said I am welcome to stay there and there would be showers! ( I must reek although have washed in sea and stream here. Will set off early to avoid heat of day which is crippling. The scale of what I am doing is hitting me hard and it is only day 2! At least finished first maps! Need a good sleep to recharge batteries.

2 thoughts on “Day 2 twilight beach to the Bluff on 90 mile beach

  1. Kia ora Nick, several months have past since we saw you stumbling your way up in to
    Te Aupouri camp site to spend the night at what was only the beginning of your mammoth journey, which may seem so very long ago now. It is Father’s Day here in NZ so it is appropriate that I send you this message knowing that one of the greatest motivators of your trek was in fact your Dad. Hope our message finds you well, recovered and enjoying family and life. Sending your blessing and best wishes.
    Hetaraka- Toelau whaanau

    • Kia Ora Bronwyn! You must forgive me for not replying to your lovely message which I really appreciated. I remember you and your whaanau’s (family) kindness so vividly at what was a very daunting start to my trek. I believe you set the tone for the rest of my travels in NZ as I found so much kindness and friendship at every stage of my journey, although I can categorically say that I was never in so much need for a pick me up from strangers as when I staggered in hot, exhausted and blistered to the Te Aupori camp! Nanas boil up and your friendly chat was just the ticket! I am proud of what I achieved in honour of my Dad. It was a life enhancer for me and a fitting way to say farewell to him. My brother also shared a month of my journey which made it even more special. Family life is enjoyable, we have just added a puppy to the Lockwood whaanau who is occupying a lot of our time. I hope all the Hearake-Tolelau whaanau are thriving and send you all my best wishes. Nick

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