Day 3 – Under Karlas Tarp!

My poor feet!

My poor feet!

krThe good and bad theme continues!

The bad is that I am coated in blisters, now seven!. I tried walking in crocs and socks but ended up with whopping blisters on pads of each foot. The good is that I’ve teamed up with Karla , a kiwi from Upper Hutt, she is also walking trail to Wellington. Met her this morning at the Maori campsite when she came in looking for water and I was just about to head off.

The Maori ladies were brilliant again, I’d written a note of thanks and asked if would take some of my surplus food. After welcome cup of tea and offered me some fruit to take. Departed to hugs and kisses all round! Lovely

Karla has a system of walking for hour, resting for ten walking for 50 mins and when day gets too hot bedding down under her tarp until cooler in afternoon. Thats where we are now up on the dunes. Karla is pretty cool, engaged to James who is the the army, Karla is in territorial but between full time jobs ( she is a chemist by qualification but will be involved in environmental health in her role in the army). She has blisters too but is keeping them at bay with strapping tape (note to self – get some too!).

This is really tough going and only day 3, I’m not eating much other than what Maori ladies gave me but must be using up heaps of energy.  Also have only peed twice in 3 days despite drinking 2-3 litres.

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