Day 5 Ahipara

krkr kr2pm

Yaaahay! Finally finished the beach section and before the rain too. This is day 5 and I have achieved a couple of milestones, firstly the first 100k (only 1500 to go!) and secondly the first major tramp of the Te Araroa achieved. I’m sat in the campsite reception catching up on internet stuff but struggling to do blog on this hudl tablet I’ve got really annoying!

We’ve stuck together (Karla and Brian) and seem to be creating a good bond of shared experience. Not sure how far we’ll stick together before getting out of synch but been so much nicer to have good company.  We also met a german/Irish lady Katrin at the campsite last night who’d had problems with her feet big time and had resorted to cutting out her shoes toes and heels. She may join our merry throng if she makes it here tonight.

Yesterday morning ordeal soon faded with a bit of rest and a shower and was almost completely forgotten when we each devoured a whopping cheeseburger and chips. Tended to my poor feet with a dip in ocean and redressing after “popping a few more blisters.

6 thoughts on “Day 5 Ahipara

    • Thanks for your support everyone. I’m hoping to get going again tomorrow with a lighter pack and not doing as many km. My body said NO after 7 days. Loving the experience. Hope all OK with you all. Keep me posted please. X

  1. Hi Nick, you do sound like you are having some ups and downs. Love reading your blogs especially when I get up in morning and get a coffee and return to bed with my tablet to read guardian and check your latest news. Your feet sound in a real state, hope you can get some relief when off them. Guess you will do what you need to do , cutting out sections of boot if need be. Great to hear you have buddied up with a few people, that should keep motivation levels up. Think of you every day and really admire what you are doing. Keep going , one foot at a time. Love Lel xx

    • Hi Lel. The Guardian! Hope you had a lovely lie in again this morning! I’ve beed held up a few days here but no regrets as it’s been a real priviledge to be here. Hope to head of tomorrow but keep listening to my body. Your support and comments are great motivation too, keep them up please. Love Nick

  2. Hello even crazier boy!
    Sounds like you are on the road “big time” now! I walked into a wall yesterday! Lots of blood and a chunk of my nose damaged! Taking my wife dancing tonight but hoping to avoid blisters! Jan went down to 101 today; Brenda went to day centre today in her wedding outfit! She is well. All that sunshine you are enduring is a contrast to our flood ridden landscape!
    Keep up the good walk!
    John and Jan

    • Hiya John and Jan. Thanks for the positive notes, its been great to read them. John, sounds like your nose is too big! hope you didn’t step on Jans feet, what style of dancing was it? Good to hear mum is well but why was she wearing her wedding outfit? yes weather it great here in the sub tropical north (we picked banannas last night),and really hot and sunny today, sorry about all the crappy stuff back home. love hearing from you. Heading back on trail tomorrow so may be few days before can get wifi again. Love Nick x

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