Day 7 The Griffiths “Haven on Earth” – end of Digger Valley Road

Peter's place and relish dinner

Peter’s place and relish dinner


Right foot beginning to swell up

Right foot beginning to swell up


Damn Damn Damn, I’m crook/buggered/shafted, my right foot is sprained or something and I can hardly walk. Must have overdone what I thought I was capable of, this could take days from the feel of it (can’t put weight on my right leg). We packed up and left camp by 7am tramping for over an hour before first break. Knee felt ok and and Katrin’s antiseptic spray had had some positive effects. I was really careful on what were some very steep descents and didn’t want to come a cropper. Beautiful forest and some Wow Factors views when on the ridgelines. Katrin and I kept about the same pace but Karla was like a mountain gazelle and had to keep waiting. Finally emerged from forest onto a farm track which led onto Diggers Valley Road (great name eh?) had a stop for lunch at side of road is some much needed shade. Changed boots to shoes to hopefully get some respite from rubbing then began to feel sore across whole of right foot, hurt more and more each start we restarted a march. We decided to see if “backpapper” place mentioned in trail notes would take us even though would only be about 16km we’d have walked. Peter and Sabrina Griffith place just off the end of the road. Frustratingly we got the wrong house and found ourselves on the longest drive ever only to be told it was 2 doors down road! Aaaagghhh!

Foot was unbearable by time got to Peters place (Sabrina and the 2 girls were away in Holland where Sabrina is from). Peter is a cool guy in his 50’s with long grey ponytail and beard. He welcomed us in and made a cup of tea while took weight off by sitting down. He is an Aussie who has lived in NZ for 40 years. The House is unreal, he built it himself, stuff is everywhere but seems to be just right. there are 2 dogs Tilly (powerful hunter) and  Chica (cute lapdog terrier) who love attention . There are 2 WWOFers (Willingly Work on Organic Farms – free accommodaton and food in return for up to 4 hours work a day), one is a German guy called Tilmann who is a mechanic/engineer and is fixing all Peter old machines (he got 40 year old sthil chainsaw going while we were having cuppa). Martin from Glastonbury arrived later but not really chatted to him yet. Karla went into Kaitaia with Peter for supplies and ot me a few bits ( lent her my ANZ card).


Holly Molly – Just had the most fantastic meal ..all cooked by Peter. Was a good group of us around table and Peter is a great storyteller and knows so much stuff. Dinner was Green lipped mussels in a creamy sauce, melt in mouth lamb curry, rice, coleslaw, salads … it was delish.

Peter operaties on a Koha system (provide a gift of how much you want/can afford). My foot getting wose if anything so will definitely stay here tomorrow and then assess options

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