Day 9 – Long flat bottom (peter griffiths place)

Even Chicka concerned

Even Chicka concerned

Doctors note, can I be excused?

Doctors note, can I be excused?

Bit weedy

Bit weedy

Captured for posterity

Captured for posterity

Peter's pakeha (non Maori) poupou at the Te Ahucentre Kaitaia

Peter’s pakeha (non Maori) poupou at the Te Ahu centre Kaitaia

7.50am – Foot is less painful and swelling gone down by about half what it was. Trimmed off dead skin around blisters and they look to be healing ok. right foot pad blister biggest by far. Just been writing a revised list of what I’m going to keep in my pack, it is such a  learning curve to realise you don’t need what you think you do. will post surplus stuff to Mike (fleece, fishing gear, shoes, nail clippers, tweezers etc etc…probably about 2kg in all).

4pm Te Ahu Centre Kaitaia

I’ve been to the hospital and seen a really nice GP ( Dr Joost Van Rens) he was sympathetic with what I am trying to do and subtle in his diagnosos “Excessive use of right foot”! he checked there was no tendonitis, also checked my knee but concluded knee was fine. Treatment? …rest foot! We talked it through and he suggested i still walk just not so much, e.g. 3 hours day max or sooner if hurts again, also get some insole support if boots were hard, he gave me some stronger anti inflammatories. Also checked my BP (130/88 which is best its been for ages!). i cheekily aked if can use his scales and came in at 102kg (4kg lighter than when left uk so its must be doing me some good!). Felt happy with this and didn’t mind paying the $80 overseas visitor fee.

Thinking now is that i’ll rest at Peters to see if swelling goes and then skip the really tough next section through the Raetea forest so that I can get used to walking again (will make up the kms later). The next two forest will be a good enough test (Omahuta and Puketi)

Amazingly Brian turned up at Peters place this morning having slept just outside the Herikino forest, he was hopng Peter may be able to take him to the next forest but was really pleased to see Katrin and I and decided to stay. Peter took us in to Kaitaia and showed us his Pakeha Poupou (like a totem pole) whch he had carved out over years to depict the Pakeha history with the Maori in the Far North. Awesome stuff!

11pm – Another great feast from Peter, sausages with bacon and cheese, kumara (NZ sweet potato), cabbage, mash, spagetti with sauce, home baked bread. I will soon put back on the 4kgs I’ve lost if don’t move on soon!

finally we had a late visitor, a maori guy called Pete who had a fantastic facial Moko (tattoo) and turned out was the actor who played Jake the Muss’s best mate in Once were Warriors (great powerful film if you haven’t seen it yet)

2 thoughts on “Day 9 – Long flat bottom (peter griffiths place)

  1. Hi Tony, is it really that flooded over there! Tell you what, this has been the most effective way to lose weight ever. Even stuffing my face with fish chips and burgers whenever I can it keeps coming off! On rest day today in bay of islands, hoping to catch up on blog and eat more burgers. Please keep commenting, its great to hear from you.

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