4 thoughts on “Day 10

  1. Nick I am really proud of what you are doing and all the walking that you have achieved so far, your blog makes really interesting reading and I guess you are meeting some very kind and generous people along the way. I hope your feet improve though, take it easy for a time and I expect they will get tougher as the time goes by. Try to enjoy the experience and I hope you succeed. Think of the good that it is doing for your body and keep taking the pills. I am remembering my travels in NZ especially the giant kauri and Ahipara beach where I surfed and tried wind sailing . take care love Chris W

    • Hi Auntie Christine, Surfing and wind sailing at Ahipara..wow you really are a great aunt. Thanks for following my blog and it’s great to get your comments. Yes it really has turned out to be a great adventure and people I’ve met have been superb. Also a great way to honour Clive too and I leave a piece of his favourite shirt every morning before I’ve burnt too much daylight. Hope you like the most recent updates

  2. Hey nick
    Missing the blogs but hope the offline days have been pain free and exciting, think your diary has the makings of a book !! It sounds amazing and the bad times will be forgotten like childbirth . You are an inspiration and we are all dead proud xx

  3. Hi Jan,
    back online… hope you enjoy the latest (you’ll find less talk about my blisters and feet!) . Thanks for your continuing interest in my adventures and please keep comments coming in. xx

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