Day 16 blissful rest day paihia

farmers market Paihia

farmers market Paihia

Room with a view, beachside camp

Room with a view, beachside camp

9am beach side camp. I’m sat in glorious sunshine less than 2m from an idyllic bay here in the bay of islands and I’m not walking today. I can’t begin to tell you how good this feels. I feel great too, a day off should heal all the blisters and tomorrow I’m looking forward to feeling no pain in my feet for 16 days! The only walking I’ll do is to Paihia and back, a mere 6km in order to get to a PC and update this blog for my avid reader. Decision to make is whether I get kayak or water taxi or ferry across to pick up next section of trail. Cost, weather and time will be factors.

8pm back at beach side camp
Ahhh what a lovely day with only the walking to town with only my new fashionable bum bag slung nonchalantly over my narrowing waistline. Having said that I’ve been indulging in the finest cuisine Paihia has to offer and Katrina and I and wallowing in food heaven after we feared on seafood chowder entrée and I then had a fresh Greek salad with the tenderest of lamb strips, all washed down with a pint of Monteiths golden ale.

Spent most of day blogging, about 5 hours in the internet café, much easier than tablet plus had connected for uploading photos. All very enjoyable reflecting on the past five days experiences and at least I laughed at my own trail notes. Spent a pleasant afternoon meandering around in the sunshine, there was a farmers market where I treated myself to an Avacado smoothie which tasted a lot nicer than it looked (an appearance akin to green slime). We were waiting to see if Brian would turn up and had emailed him to meet us at 6 but he didn’t show nor was he at the camp when we got back here.

We enquired about kayaks but weather is turning tomorrow and will be a 20 knot headwind plus cost of 65 dollars and 100 pick up by Dusty so intending to just get water taxi over with mornings high tide.

Will be offline again for a few days so you will have to be patient my dear reader.

5 thoughts on “Day 16 blissful rest day paihia

  1. Kia ora Nick – we met you on Saturday @ Teal Bay and walked a distance with you up the hill heading toward The Morepork Trail. We hope all went well for you as it was a very hot day and by now you are resting in Pataua or maybe even comfortably fishing! All the best for your journey in New Zealand. Kind regards Pete et Jan Gleeson

    • Kia ora Pete and Jan, Thanks for the note and it was great to meet you both, I think it was my fastest section of the walk so far, not just the speed we went but also the great company which made time fly. Really appreciate your kind words and hope you keep track of my super adventure in beautiful NZ. I made it to Pataua today but not before I got drenched. The good weather had to end sometime i suppose and the fish will be relieved! Best Wishes Nick (Hope you get that Te Araroa sign back up as it great to see people support it)

  2. Hi Nick – we met you at Whananaki Camp. You came over and you met me (Kerry-anne), Zane and Brenda. Zane fed you beerzies & bourbon and we fed you dinner. It was nice to meet you and hope the rest of your walk goes well for you,it is a great and courageous thing you are doing for your dad,he would be so proud of you. Thank you so much for the lovely note we found in the morning,we were chuffed that you had enjoyed it,your words were very kind. Was neat to learn about your story – good luck!!! Kerry-anne 😉

    • Hi Kerry-Anne, Thanks for getting in touch and I hope I didn’t disturb you in the morning. It was really great to meet you all and after a tough day it was so kind of you to offer me such welcome booze, lovely food and I also enjoyed our conversation (especially when you said I look lot younger than 49!). All the best to you all and I hope you keep an eye on my progress, still a long way to go! Nick

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