Day 25 Mangawhai to Pakiri

Mangawhai town 8.30am

Having second coffee of the day, Just done about 5km and it’s not even 9am but getting hot and its very sunny. good job I bought more sunblock as won’t be much shade of the beach section I’m doing today.

You’ll be pleased to hear I did manage to haul my BIG Boy inflated stomach back to camp last night and had a lie down for an hour. Got up and began chatting to my fellow campers who invited me over for a cup of tea. Rodney and Nicky are the parent of Molly, the 4 and a half year old who was so chatty to me earlier. They live in ruakaka now after getting fed up of Auckland. Nicky works for Fonterra, the giant dairy corporation here in NZ (has most of the Anchor brand among others), she explained about how the dairy industry works where famers become shareholder in fonterra, why dairy products like milk and cheese seem so expensive in NZ (have to pay market price) how chinese corporations are buying up farms and also setting up own processing plants in NZ (one going up near Huntly). Rodney is a high end joiner by trade but has set up as a garden sculptor/art making ornate designs for gardens, he was going to go the the A&P show in the morning at warkworth to show his wares. Lifestyle was far more important to them and working for himself Rodney ensures molly get taken/picked up from school and other activities.

12.45pm Te Arai Point

I can’t seem to help myself going off track at the moment, I only had a beach to follow (sea to left, dunes to right is not difficult!) but then I came across this rockypoint called Te Arai which I have renamed “Te Astray” as I followed it’s picturesque sandy coves and rocky promitaries for half an hours with a couple of lads with a terrier dog going fishing (the lads not the dog, the dog hadn’t got a rod). they didn’t know if could get round either. Well you can’t! which is what founfd out the hard way where came to an impassible rocky bit. I even had three attempts to climb up to the path but all failed so had to do a u turn and come back very hot and bothered. I’ve made the most of it and had a lovely swim in a little cove and having some lunch in the sun, I’ll retrace back to where the path should head up and over the point.

I’ve been watching some guys diving which reminds me of that classic joke

How do you circumcise a whale?
Send down four skin divers!

boom boom

Think I’m cracking up walking on my own in the midday sun

9.30pm – in my Tent Pakiri Beach Camp

Just had an audience of kiwi kids asking me alll sorts of questions about what I’m doing, two really pleasant 11/12 year old girls started talking to me while I was charging phone/tablet in TV room. One was grandaughter of site owners, and her grandad (Poppa) is going to walk the south Island TA this December, he’s 52 and has a fit mate who is doing whole trail only allowing 2 months for the North! Couple of older lads (15/16) talked to me to and we got on to soccer (he supported Man Utd). All really nice kids. One lad had his foot in plaser as had broken tibia and fibia on a flying fox.
After my misadventure arounfd the rocks I found the up and iver route pretty easily and got to the 10km long Pakiri beach with the sun at its peak. A lady and daughter were just coming off the beacjh and told me there’d been a pod of dolphins there for half an hour or so playing around the surfers. Darn it, that would have been great to witness.

I hav enow finally discovered the delights of using the MP3 player that Marie got me for the trip and downloaded some of my favourites ..ABBA and the EAgles, LES Mis. I can’t begin to describe the joyous sensation of walking down a deserted beach in the bright sunshine while listening to Dancing Queen at full blast. Something everyone should do is my advice

I’ve also come up with a Trail Music compilation which includes

Its a long long road
Climb every Mountain
You’ll never walk alone
Les Marseilles (Marchons Marchons)
You’ve got a friend
Country Roads, take me home
I’m on the road to nowhere
I hear laughter in the rain
Almost heaven, west Virginia
I love to go a Wandering
Hurry Home
Fantastic Day.. Haircut 100
albatross – fleetwood Mac
Just a Perfect day
What a wonderful world
Aint no mountain high enough
Road to hell…Chris Rea
Follow the yellow Brick Road
Any song by John Denver!

I’ve had text from Katrin, she is 3 das behind me now in Ruakaka but at least got a coss whangarei harbour without having to pay or wait too long. I text Karla to see what her plans were and she is leaving Matakana tomorrow afternoon so I may catch her yet. Did about 28km today, my leg was pretty good and only started to twinge in last half hour which I actually walked in bare feet for once. Qite pleasant on the sand and fording the Pakiri stream.

Got a shock when camp office said sites were from $80! this is 4 time more than usual due to long weekend and everything getting away, I pleaded my TA walker credentials and she let me have site for $30 as she was empathetic to the fact I couldn’t exactly go anywhere else. I bought 8 sausages with cheese in, 2 eggs, onion and whole loaf of bread. I’ve eaten 5 sausages with noodles for tea. not the nicest I’ve had I must say!

Oh yes before I say goodnight I unfortunately witnessed my first leathery ball bag belonging to an old white bearded gentleman who was playing petanque. Invetibaly the moment I saw him was just as he was bending down to retrieve his petanques

On my god I hope I don’t have any disturbing dreams now!


Early start from Mangawhai  Heads

Early start from Mangawhai

first Flat White of the day and I'm still at the camp site

first Flat White of the day and I’m still at the camp site

Enjoying an enhanced experience with the MP3 player. Voulez Vous...A ha!

Enjoying an enhanced experience with the MP3 player. Voulez Vous…A ha!

Apparently there are only 40 pairs of the NZ Fairy Tern left and I think this is a fair chunk of then here

Apparently there are only 40 pairs of the NZ Fairy Tern left and I think this is a fair chunk of then here

One for the ladies!

One for the ladies!

Goodbye Northland. It's been a blast!

Goodbye Northland. It’s been a blast!

Hello Auckland region!

Hello Auckland region!

sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy

sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy

Dads shirt finds a home with a view

Dads shirt finds a home with a view

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