Day 33 feeling a bit low

look how low i look!

look how low i look!

actually relieved to be going uphill again

actually relieved to be going uphill again

bloody hot and hard work

bloody hot and hard work

so relieved to get to Clevedon (clevedon refrigerated water that is!)

so relieved to get to Clevedon (clevedon refrigerated water that is!)

TV in my tent!?

TV in my tent!?

Fried seafood supper should do the trick...with salad

Fried seafood supper should do the trick…with salad

Hot day, should have worn hat!

Hot day, should have worn hat!

Midday, on side of bloody long road! Can’t quite put my finger on it. Think it’s a combination of things like this long road march (14km) which im 2 and half hours into but still over hour to go. I didn’t get away from camp until 9.30 as trying to upload photos on blog but was waste of time and money trying different things to no avail. Then discovered someone had helped themselves to some of stuff I’d left in kitchen, my coffee and yoghurt powder at least have gone. I’d like to think it was a case of the acquirer thinking they were free to help themselves to as there was a box next to it where people can leave what they don’t want and was labelled “please help yourself”.

I didn’t sleep that well either as large group of French people arrived (a “froggle” of French?) And were yabbering well apres minuit. They’d taken over the kitchen this morning and were drinking coffee and eating yoghurt as if they’d won a raffle or something!

Then there is my foot where I am getting twinges in my plantar which is tender so I have started taking anti inflammatory again.

And finally, while I am having a whinge I am feeling a bit low about my fundraising total being well below target for cancer research. I am well short of the 3000 I was hoping. Its great that over 40 people have donated so far but I am sure others would if reminded

I’ll be running on empty soon (on 664kms now and have 740 pounds. Raised so far, I will have to come up with cunning plan to. Rrekinddle interest fromm. Colleagues back home who. I am sure wold donate if reminded.

Right. that’s enough moaning. The positives are that it is a glorious day to be in the shade, hardly a cloud in the sky and that I met Evan the cyclist who shared the trail with me for a few kms this morning. He was a knowledgable chap and told me about some of the native trees we saw in the botanical gardens. One tree fruits like a cherry had the hardest wood and was used to make nails with, he’d cycled from where he lived in mt Eden area and was walker too. He was interested in TA and what I was doing and proved nice company whilst with me.

The other positive is that my Tim tams have melted so I have just eaten them all!

I’m heading for Clevedon today, a mere 20km. May be a couple of climbs before get there but will be a relief to get off the road. Not sure where in staying yet.

7.30 Clevedon cafe
I think today has been most intense sun so far. It got really hot and even with sunblock on I got burnt a bit. I had to ration my water as also realised someone had nicked my speights bottle I’d used since started the trail as well! I had 2L to last and only just did! When I finally got to Clevedon went straight to dairy and bought coldest water and got brain freeze trying to get it down me.

The road was a real drag and I was initially relieved to get onto steep track. Mind you this brought on fresh challenges as it was first climb down for days. With the heat I just felt weak and had to stop to catch breath and get some energy. I even thought I must be I’ll as it seemed such an effort. Luckily when reached final summit path down was well formed and shady.

Just had a whopping seafood meal, battered fish, scallops,oysters and mussels with a mass of chips and side salad 19bucks. Wasn’t a scrap wasted and has lifted my spirits as only food can!

Came back to pub where staying in luxury. Had chat with barmaid over a pint of Tui and looks like there isn’t much in way of population and shops for next 4 or 5 days.

2 thoughts on “Day 33 feeling a bit low

  1. Hey Nick – don’t forget it’s an incredible thing you are doing and we are all very proud and impressed by your achievements. I’m sure your total will increase as more people become aware of your challenge. Keep smiling – really enjoying the blog and the photos. Team crewkerne behind you all the way! Janer xx

    • Thanks Janer, I’m feeling better now, think it was sunstroke. Having a cold cider here at pub and only objective is to get to shade of the forest and chill out there. What a life!

      Really appreciate your concern. Will be tougher days ahead I’m sure.

      Great to have Team Crewkerne support me! Nick xx

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