Day 34

10.20 at pub/hotel

Just updating blog on tablet (real pain it is too). Annoyed can’t get pictures uploaded and looks like I’ll be out of range for a few days, computer at hotel being used as they are doing their finances on it.

I’ve been to town for a coffee and post letter and notes back to Marie. Bought a sandwich and fruit for lunch too. Had a greasy samosa for breakfast (the proof being the grease is all down my top) lovely though.

Will not get too far today, reach the bush and see how it goes. There is a massive high pressure system over nz at the moment so will be hot and sunny for a few days. Hopefully the forest shade will be lovely. (Always worry after predict good situation just in case it all goes pear shaped!)

Will be offline for a few days so bear with me!


12 noon still at pub!
Managed to borrow Lania’s Mac laptop who works her and got a few pics onon included the Tim Tam method, I’ve been informed that you can also take whole of top and bottom off for maximum absorption. Having a cider before head off out in burning sun.

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