Day 40

10 second timer not long enough

10 second timer not long enough

shame about not seeing the  800

shame about not seeing the 800



nice river and properties Hamilton

nice river and properties Hamilton

Gengy's Mongolian Banquet!

Gengy’s Mongolian Banquet!

with Daniel and Karla

with Daniel and Karla

River walk to Hamilton, dairy and power plant

River walk to Hamilton, dairy and power plant

Hooorah 800km passed!!

Hooorah 800km passed!!

9th Feb “Gengy’s” Mongolian Buffet Hamilton

Yep…I’ve fallen for it again, quantity won the day in my overriding selection criteria for the evening repast. Hamilton apparently has more eatery per head of population than any other place in NZ and walking down Victoria Street I can well believe it, restaurants and cafes litter the road with several closed. “Gengys” looked busy which I take a s good sign so all I needed was the sign saying all u can it and I was in. $24.95 not bad and the chefs even cook it for you. You fill up a bowl of ingredients you want cooked and hand it to chef who tells you a number. I was no 3 so want up when they shouted out No 3 ready and it was nothing like the food I’d put in my bowl! but hey It was nice so carried on regardless. I’ve tried not to be an absolute glut and have only had four platefuls! there is desert too but I must watch my figure!

Fair bit to catch up on since my brief post yesterday.

Karla and I were packed and ready just after 7 but Annie wasn’t really up so Karla keen to press on to meet her friend Daniel at lunchtime (track supposedly another 6 hours). Annie wanted us to wait I think but I gave her my number rand said I’d be in Ngaruawahia for couple hours at least charging my stuff so could meet there if she didn’t catch up.

It was pretty tough bush again with heaps of roots this time and with the rain fairly slippy. I was worried about my water supply so tried to find little pockets of water in leaves which tasted a bit gritty!

we made really good pace and met Daniel, Karlas friend from her basic army training at top of Hakarimata before midday. Daniel was happy for me to stay too so that’s what I did.

We went back to his place and had luxury of shower, laundry and electricity to charge stuff up.

Daniel is a really nice quietly spoken guy doing a masters degree in psychology at Hamilton Uni. He is working at local slaughterhouse at moment before course starts (he is doing intercostals of the beef they process at the plant).

He took us to town to pick up some drinks and food and we went to the confluence of the Waipa (brown) and Waikato (bluey) rivers. He also took us to a place near the slaughterworks where heaps of mullet and Koi carp congregate around the weeds. Koi carp abound in the river and are a real nuisance damaging and stirring up the river bed affecting native species.

We had a chat about my job and Daniel was interested in how things like sport can help improve community safety and reduce crime so may be able to help him with his dissertation on this.

We met the lodger Rab and his “friend” Elyse and walked down to river near the house to do some “manus” This entails climbing up an overhanging tree and jumping/falling/diving in the river. I only meant to do it once but ended up doing it 4 times to try and get a photo (unsuccessfully i think). Some local Maori boys were there and quite entertaining with a chubby one giving commentary on how bad our jumps were and what should be doing. Karla abstained and did a bit of a walk.

All dried off we drove into Hamilton and I was introduced to “Burger Fuel” with the mouth watering prospect of ordering the “Greedy Bastard” burger and their “to die for” chicken fenders. Alas the Greedy Bastard is now just “the Bastard” but it was probably the tastiest burger (if not the biggest) I’ve ever had, there was even mango in there somewhere. The chicken fenders were exquisite, chargilled breasts were succulent and juicy and when combined with lemon aoili dip I just had to order another lot!

Daniel kindly lent me his laptop to skype and do blog, skypped Marie and Alice but they couldn’t see me as room was dark. tried to reangle light but only succeeded in pulling the light fitting out of ceiling which I confessed to the next morning!

Annie had left message wondering where I was but I couldn’t call back as she only has a card to use for using other phones.

Woke pretty early his morning and did a blog before others got up. Had a relaxing chat with Karla and Daniel, Rab was also impressed with my moustache and gave me a tub of special moustache wax for when I can start curling it! Daniel is further ahead on the moustache stakes so it was a bit of a hirsute meeting of near equals.

We got away about 11 and Daniel dropped us off at start of river track near Horotio. The day was really hot and sunny relief when got any shade. You fall into a trap of thinking the walking will be easier when you are not doing so far but it was a good 4 hours on mostly hard paths. The scenery was good as can see the river all the way and some beautiful houses and gardens along riverside.

Karla wa keen to get to outdoor shops before closed at 4 so that could see tent she is after now that the tarp is getting her wet. Had look in katmandu and Bivowac, $600 for MSR tent so decided she’d sleep on it.

I asked about places to stay and have ended up at central backpackers, didn’t have a single room so im in a dorm which could be interesting later!

3 thoughts on “Day 40

  1. Wondered wher you had got too.
    So much bloody rain here South West coming to a halt.
    Caitlin won her first squash league match. Guy concerned not pleased!
    I am now in training for your return.

  2. No probs
    Neil just took the wood to burn I did the branches and tip run so its at least 2 beers.
    Caitlin in the u15 Somerset team for squash on Sun 2nd March in Glos and Megan in the u13 team playing in Bournmouth on Sun 2nd March. Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!

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