Day 43

Karla didn't mind about the view, she found another geocache!

Karla didn’t mind about the view, she found another geocache!

very muddy

very muddy

Very Steep

Very Steep

hikikiwi, view what view!

hikikiwi, view what view!

Noel Sandford boardwalk, thank you Noel

Noel Sandford boardwalk, thank you Noel

12.30 middle of nowhere.
Left karla for dust and done 10km in 2 hours. I Can get a head of steam up with my longer legs and finely perfected trekking pole action. Karla is definitely the bush queen to my king of the road though. I’ve Stopped for lunch as its no longer raining.

Slept OK in the hut. Woke a few times and had a dream about not being able to get somewhere no matter how hard I was trying! Felt like that a bit with our trek down the mountain first thing. Thought wed be be going mainly down but had about 3 more peaks to go up. Apart from first one (the Noel Sanford boardwalk to hihikiwi which very nicely boarded all the way…..thank you noel) these were real mud and root fests with huge over 90 degree plus leg steps required. Despite it being cool and cloud covered i soon got into body leak sweat mode. Eventually made it down in just over three hours and stopped for a brew.

We’ve arranged to meet around the 878km mark for overnight camp and hope to make waitomo tomorrow where there is a shop and campsite. I’ve been invited to stay at Karla’s aunties farm in te kuiti following night which will be good to reset all the buttons (washing, showers, recharging equipment etc) to start the trail afresh again.

We saw in the hut log that Brian has leap frogged us and had stayed on night of 6th Feb and the supermachine that is Mary had got here on 2nd Feb. Mary is an american lady who lives to walk long distance trails. Her website is called “married to the trail”. She started about 4 days after me but is already now10 days ahead. But is she enjoying it?

Karla has just caught up but with big chunk of boot sole missing. She’s done well.

6.30pm in tent literally on track (just don’t know which track!).

We’ve called it a day after over 9 hours on the trail. Beginning to get a bit weary. You notice it on the stiles which get harder to climb over as the day wears on. We’ve climbed over a well marked style to come to where we are now but it has us off the GPS path. There is a small stream here so we’ll figure it out in the morning as we needed to ensure that we have water. Covered about 25km in all so similar distance tomorrow which will also take us to the 900km mark.

Feeling a bit guilty as Annie left message to wish me well if she didn’t meet us up again and I hadn’t even left her a note at the hut this morning for when she got there later. She may catch up when Chris begins his baptism of fire!

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