Day 51 Sickie


A day to forget! Began to feel really ill in the night and not to put too fine a point on it I could have shit through the eye of a needle!

Oh Dear, what have i got? Giardia came to mind as had been drinking some water untreated. feeling really weak and washed out, could hardly walk never mind with a rucksack.

Karla negotiated a lift into town from nice camp site owner lady and I went straight to the chemist for Immodium! if I still feel sick in 3 days then probably is Giardia and will need to see a doctor.

I couldn’t face eating anything all day so just drank some isotonic drinks to keep hydrated. spent most of day between library on the blog and the toilets conveniently next door on the bog!

Played phone tag with Chris (neither of us can hear our phones ring) but managed to talk in afternoon and plan is to meet at National Park village tomorrow afternoon.

Bought a new metal cup, new laces and much against my woozy stomachs protest went to supermarket for a resupply.

Got a ticket for same bus as Chris is on tomorrow and camp site owner once again kindly came to pick us up. She and her husband (a pom originally from Settle!) are really into the TA and found all of us walkers to be really interesting people with stories to tell. I don’t think I was particularly interesting today and and the only story I had was I could shit through an eye of an needle.

just wanted to sleep when got back. Big group of people had arrived and were chatting loudly but I was zonked out and slept (more sinister happenings to come on this)

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