Day 58

Very classy at Chateau Tongariro (less than 4 hours ago I was a tramp sleeping on the porch)

Very classy at Chateau Tongariro (less than 4 hours ago I was a tramp sleeping on the porch)

The picture I know you have eagerly anticipated. Chris's calf development is still a tad short of my "gnarled oak" effect musculature.

The picture I know you have eagerly anticipated. Chris’s calf development is still a tad short of my “gnarled oak” effect musculature.

Road the mountain track info if you are interested. We did it in 3 days!

Road the mountain track info if you are interested. We did it in 3 days!

10pm National Park Backpackers. Again

Im not moving south very fast am I! Once again I’ve ended up back in National Park and can you believe it I’ll be back here again in 4 days time!

We survived the night on the porch, hardly slept but at least not bitten and it gave me a chance to stargaze. Walked out this morning after saying goodbye to Katrin (with plan to meet in Wellington) and to the Avondale school group (who were all lovely young adults and a credit to themselves, their parents and the school). Took about 3 hours to get to Whakapapa, Chris feeling it a bit today but awesome effort to get round a usual 4/5 day trek in just 3 days. We enjoyed a breakfast at Ferguson’s cafe and I rang to sort out canoeing for tomorrow morning (Wades 190 bucks each plus 25 pick up fee from Nat Park). Also chased up medical centre but lab report not back yet so they will chase ( I know, the suspense is almost unbearable).

Went to Doc centre and booked campsites for river. We are going to do it in 3 nights rather than 4 to give us chance of getting to Wellington before Chris needs to get bus back to Auckland on 15th.

Nipped into Chateau Tongariro for a coffee and blown away by the decour after night on hut porch!

Got the old thumbing a lift down to a tee and first car pulled over to offer us a lift. Sacred bleu! it was a French guy with his 9 year old daughter. They were on a 3 week holiday and dropped the mum and couple of kids off to do a walk and were heading back to Nat Park. Parfait! Chatted in mixture of French and English as you do ( each trying to speak the others language). You see some French people are pretty decent sorts!

Mike from Wades canoeing had dropped off 6 dry barrels for us at the backpackers and we’ve arranged to be picked up about 7am in morning. Spent afternoon doing laundry, showering, booking bus to Palmerston north for when we get back from river, and shopping for “really heavy fresh stuff as we don’t have to carry the sodding thing” . being the sophisticated bon vivants we are we dined at the Station restaurant and partook in their most delicious green Thai curry. Most pleasant.

So dear reader, they you are, we are up to date and you have the latest sculpted image of my calves, what more can you ask for!?

Alas you will once again have to wait for a few days before all can be revealed about our aquatic adventures on the river. Questions which will remain unanswered

What caused my diarrhoea? And will it flare up again (is it feasible to do a No 2 whilst in a canoe?)
Will my chilsed calves lose their tone with no walking for the next 4 days?
How many blisters will we get on our hands and buttocks?
Will Chris let me steer?
Are there any duelling banjo players in this neck of the woods?
Will the rapids drag us under?
Will we get eaten by sandflies?
Will I ever get south of National Park?

All will be revealed

4 thoughts on “Day 58

  1. Hi just want to wish Chris a happy birthday. Hope you had a good day Chris, I’m guessing that you walked! Lots of love from all the Percivals. Enjoy your time in NZ.

  2. Hi Nick- sounds like your having the time of your life. Janer particularly likes the ‘calf development’ updates. She can now compare and contrast with Chris being with you!
    Really pleased its working out so well and is such an adventure. Helen and I are both checking that each of us have read your latest updates….we must get a more exciting life…but we do as your loyal readers need a update on the stool sample situation to be assured all is ok now!
    Hope canoeing going well and all your questions are now answered and your new recruit still doing well. Take care Jason and Helen

    • Hi Jase and Helen. Great to hear from you and really pleased you are liking the blog. It’s been a real experience and im loving most of it ( some of it is tough too when I’d even rather be at work god forbid!). Hope you two get out and develop your calves too! Cheers nick!

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