Day 64

not very glamorous! The reality bites

not very glamorous! The reality bites

not fully dampened spirits in the rain

not fully dampened spirits in the rain

Road walk from P.North. Even the cows look bored

Road walk from P.North. Even the cows look bored

8.15pm in a very slopey tent by Maurice Murray’s commemorative bench

Welcome to the very unglamorous side of walking the TA. We have retreated from the wet and windy weather which has been on and off most of the afternoon (and more on as the day progressed until we gave in at 7pm). Yet another pole section of my tent is broken. I’ve even had dinner in the tent as another pulse of rain arrived while Chris stoically preferred to eat his in a vertical position. This spot is ridiculously tight and Chris has only millimetres available to squeeze in his tent.

We’ve done about 20km which isn’t bad seeing as we didn’t leave Palmy until after midday. After packing up and having breakfast (using up what we didn’t want to carry including corned beef!) We’d gone into town to resupply at Pak N Save and then went to outdoor equipment shops to sort out my tent pole repairs. Bivouac came up trumps and nice guy in there put some collars on the broken sections which entailed a lot of rethreading elastic and it only came to 6 bucks. Sorted! we celebrated with a large flat white and took the opportunity to dutifully text our wives. As Chris takes over an hour to do one text we didn’t get back to campsite ( where we’d left our rucksacks) until noon.

With our rucksacks groaning and creaking almost as much as we were we were back into walking mode and got lost soon after the bridge over the Manawatu river. Ended up at what appeared a dead end but a kindly old lady said we could walk over neighbours paddock and come out where wanted to be.

We began to hear loudspeaker and cheering which turned to be a big athletics meet at Massey University race track. We heard the teams Murray, Albion, Kiaora, Gordon etc being shouted out and seemed that Murray were winning just about everything.

Track was mostly road margin with couple of green corridor bits including stream crossings. Met a
Lovely lady who was eighty and still tramped with
Local tramping club, she loved her walking and still managing to do four hour walks.

We may have a bit of a problem tomorrow as seen a notice saying the TA route is closed weekdays for logging operations. We shall see.

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