Day 72

11pm paekakariki holiday camp


Yes I know, it’s way past my bedtime! We’ve just had a great night at Finns taking part in the Paekakariki “second Thursday in the month” pub quiz. We were runners up and would have won if we hadn’t chosen music as one of our double points rounds. We were beaten by just 2.5 points and any other round other than music for doubling our points would have won us the prestigious title of this months winners. Our team was aptly called the “Trailblazers” and consisted of Katrin, John and Jenny ( a local couple who had come last in previous quiz), Chris and I. We were all a great team together and held the lead up to the music round then the questions were all wrong! I’m not bitter, no I’m not, really.

We did win a few prizes including bags of sweeties and a great big DIY book which went straight to John!. We Had a good chat and was all in a good Community atmosphere. Everyone was really welcoming. We also ate there and the food was great too (I had squid) but I needed to focus on the quiz so much I didn’t get chance to savour it.

I seem to have spent the last 24 hours eating. We had an excellent steak meal at the hotel last night,this morning we somehow got into the local cafe 45 minutes before it opened for a cooked breakfast. We stopped for lunch at Ruamati North where I consumed 2 sausage rolls, a BLT sandwich, fruit, crisps, dip, sweets etc),so we are certainly replacing the calorie deficit from the Tararuas.


Today’s walk was a comparative piece of p#%£s compared to the last 5 days. Literally a stroll in the park and a promenade along a beach with no more than 5m above sea level to ascend or descend. This is a good job too as my right knee is swollen and sore from the exersions in the Tararuas. We Covered 21km in about 4.5 hours actual walking. Pretty overcast until we arrived here in Paekakariki about 3.30pm when the sun kindly came out. We had plenty time to fix my tent poles properly, do laundry and catch up with Katrin. Katrin has been here for 3 nights and is getting the train to Welly tomorrow as she flies back to Germany and then Ireland in a few days time.its been great to catch up with her again and share stories about how we got on since we last met (Ruapehu).

I can’t believe Chris is only going to be with me for one more day, its been brilliant having him share the experience and a real comfort knowing that he has been there at my side including when ive needed help. It is sure going to be different being back on my own and my thoughts are beginning to turn to the daunting prospect of not only being without company for first time in over 30 days but beginning the cycling leg of my odessey.

We have a double date lined up for his last day as we are meeting Christine and Felisa at 10am to walk with them to Porirua City (if you remember we met them on the Whanganui river….. Come on keep up!). We’ll need to leave here about 8am to get to Pukeatua shops where we are meeting them.

Finally just one more thing and I know you will think it long overdue…..just how are the calf muscles developing? Well, here you go…you can see for yourselves. We would of course appreciate feedback and comments on the status of our respective calves. Has Chris caught up? can calf muscle definition get any more defined than this without performance enhancing drugs? Why do mine looked like they have been stuffed with chicken breast meat? Should Chris shave his to make them more pronounced?


You can take the Englishman out of England but not England out the Englishman. A spot of earl grey in the afternoon!

Will my knee hold out till Welly?

Will my knee hold out till Welly?

Chris's long awaited stroll on the beach.

Chris’s long awaited stroll on the beach.

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