Day 73

8.15pm Camp Elsdon, Porirua
My first edited blog (Spanish editor)
Firstly, my right knee is swollen and sore. It doesn’t hurt so much when walking on fairly level paths like we have done today but when it is bent in a sitting position it seizes up. It also hurts when I’m going up or down steps. So the big question is do I keep going the remaining mere 40km now left to finish my North Island walk and then rest or do I rest it now and finish in style when its recovered!?
The decision may be taken based on the state its in when I get up and also by the weather. There is a large cyclone heading for the North Island and warnings of high winds and heavy rainfall starting as early as tomorrow afternoon.
Having moaned enough about my knee its been a very pleasant day. We awoke to sunny clear skies, said our fond goodbyes to Katrin ( rueing once again our choice of double points round at last nights quiz! )
The 8km walk to Pukerua took longer than we anticipated so we were not going to make our rendezvous with the “unnamed Spanish lady” and Christine by 10am so I texted ahead to let them know. Chris and I got detached from each other and it got a bit complicated but we eventually all converged and headed off on the “3 hour easy tramping track” just before 11am. This turned out to be about 4.5 hours and all roadside/pavement with SH1 almost always in sight and certainly always in earshot.
Whilst I am sworn not to divulge any particulars the time passed quickly with good conversations with the aforementioned lady of Spanish extraction and Christine. We caught up on their exploits on the Whanganui river and their desire to do it all again next year. With a good range of other topics the hours flew by and we were soon in Porirua rail station and being offered a lift to the campsite which we gratefully accepted. Chris said his farewells and I was grateful to be reoffered the lifeline of somewhere to stay in Petone.
Camp site is bit ropey being at end of an industrial units road and the police also visited to move a lady camper on her way. Petty cheap at 10 bucks a night though!
We walked back into Porirua centre to find where Chris needs to catch bus from in the morning, we’ve narrowed it down to 2 stops which are fortunately close together. We Had a couple of coffees including one at a newly opened internet cafe where the likeable young entrepreneur who runs it with his family set me up for uploading photos from Chris’s SD card into the blog and after a good chat didn’t charge us!
We perused the available eating establishments in the vicinity and I nominated the Dynasty Chinese restaurant because….oh you know me so well…. It was an all u can eat buffet! Very nice too and good value at 18 bucks a head. I’m pleased to say I was not the largest consumer of calories as there were some pretty big appetites in there tonight!
Suitably stuffed and with my knee ballooning up we’ve headed back to camp and on way back identified our breakfast cafe for the morning!

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