Day 74

11am porirua library

I’m still getting over saying goodbye to Chris who took the bus back to Auckland at 9.30am. A wave of emotion came over me when we said goodbye and I ended up blubbing for about 20 minutes after he’d left. I must have looked a real sight to anyone walking past. I don’t know why I was overcome as I didnt feel sad, its been great sharing the highs and lows of the last month together and we’ll see each other again fairly soon. I began to miss home and family i think, and Chris was my connection to this. Its hard to understand as I’m happy with everything that I’m doing here and wouldn’t change anything. I’ve had some reassuring texts from Marie and I’m composing myself in the library here in Porirua.

My knee is still pretty sore and swollen so looking at only doing half a days walking today. Will try and get to Kandallah suburb of Wellington and then train or lift to Petone where can stay tonight before cyclone hits!

chris's last camp

chris’s last camp





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