2 thoughts on “Please Look!

  1. Calm that axe head down with a lovely silicone gel padded seat cover! Dorset mackerel are not in yet – they are waiting for your return. Hugh’s fish fight is continuing with Tescos baring the brunt of stocking dodgey tins of tuna! All the best, Jonty and Jacky

    • Hey Jonty and Jacky! Great to hear from you. I’ll have plenty of room for our cooked breakfasts when I get home. Keep up the fish fight with Hugh and I’ll join you all when I return. NZ are establishing more marine reserves here but not enough. I keep eating my share of fish and chips though! Save some mackerel for me and remember to only take what you really need! I’m back on 28th April so check the tides! Cheers Nick

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