Day 82

10.30pm Nelson

Another sundrenched day in Nelson! Skyped with Marie and Alice and had a good all round catch up and a laugh over my “disgusting” beard. It will be coming off soon!

Seemed a good day for a walk so we went to Rabbit Island, a few kms out of Nelson, one of Lionel and Michelle’s favourite spots, and i can see why. Seemed an idyllic walking, cycling, fishing, Kayaking picnic area all along a 10km or so forested sandy beach. Not a shop in sight and as you can see on a Sunday it was jam packed by NZ standards!






I felt really relaxed and we (although mainly Lionel!) talked loads about lots , including living out of your comfort zone which is the time when you will feel most “alive”, not waiting for the “perfect time” (because this will never arrive) and about the magic combination of motivational factors needed to overcome inertia and our tendency to talk ourselves out of doing something new and challenging.

Sensing my own inertia I’ve combined the motivational factors of having my new bike all clean, kitted out and ready to go, my knee improving, the exciting challenge of a new adventure, and the ticking passage of time before I need to complete my journey and talked myself into setting out tomorrow.

Lionel’s been a great help with sorting me out with extra kit (gloves, fluorescent shirt and top, multi tool, and even anti chaffing “shammy” cream) and also with sizing and cleaning up Rex , the bike.

I took Rex for a 20min spin after he was all cleaned, lubricated and resized. it felt good, even the saddle was bearable, all the gears worked well, it also seemed quite a fast bike. I even managed to cycle it all the way back up the steep hill to Lionels house.

I’m looking to head for Motueka tomorrow on the “Taste Trail”, ( i certainly like the sound of this trail!) Apparently its a fairly new off road cycle route and fairly flat, section to ” Mot” is approx 50km away. Should be a good introduction to the joys/of cycling and there’s a good cycle shop in Mot so I can pop in there if need to. Intending to then head towards west coast and Westport using my “South Island peddlers paradise as my guide”

Spent evening talking some more and Watched some amazing clips of Micheal with his unicycle. Michael and his friend made it to the semi finals of new zealands got talent last year.

Go there!

or Google Mike Padial. Amazing!

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