April 21st…….5 days to go

The weakest link.my right knee (wasn't that a film?)

The weakest link.my right knee (wasn’t that a film?)

Autumn colours Arrowtown

Autumn colours Arrowtown

Fergburger queues

Fergburger queues

The hugely entertaining "Mullet Man"

The hugely entertaining “Mullet Man”

Pacific Island harmony

Pacific Island harmony

C'est la vie, as they say...in toilets in Queenstown.

C’est la vie, as they say…in toilets in Queenstown.

2pm Queenstown

Bugger, bugger, bugger and bugger. Looks like my cycling may have come to a premature end here in Queenstown. My right knee has flared up again and is pleading mercy from my relentless requirement for it to perform. I’m not sure what’s happened to it. It was fine all day yesterday and when I got to Arrowtown. It felt a bit sore last night but I thought that was down to my sitting with it bent for hours while I did blog etc. It was very sore this morning, l couldn’t put weight on it so hobbled about for a bit delaying things before deciding to at least give it a try to Queenstown.

Good advice in a text from Christine to take it easy and its not a sprint so I’ve gone and booked a return bus ticket to Glenorchy for tommorow (I would have gone today and stayed overnight but there are no more buses). The temptation to just get back on Rex is burning away as I write this, its a lovely day, Queenstown is Queenstown, I could probably do it even with sore knee etc etc so I’m struggling and hoping the fact I’ve now paid for a bus tomorrow will win the day. Its really sad to think that it may end like this for Rex and I but maybe, just maybe, he’s seen Glenorchy before. I’m getting ridiculously sentimental and even thinking of a short lakeside pedal for us to finish our “on and off” relationship on a high note!

I arrived here about 12.30 and even for a Fergburger the queue was just too long so I am delaying my indulgence until later. I have had a good hobble around and enjoyed the street entertainers, “the mullet” man and his unicycle was really funny and he was great at engaging the audience so he got a healthy tip from me and others. Then there were some islanders (Fiji?) playing some unusual instruments and singing beautifully in harmony, I welled up when they sang “sweet chariot, coming for to carry me home” as it seemed to hit a nerve, so they got a good tip too.

6.15 Internet cafe Queenstown

All the ducks are lined up, intercity buses booked for Wednesday and Thursday back to Nelson. 15 hours on cramped coaches and i can hardly bend my knee! it doesn’t bear thinking about. The knee seems to have stiffened up even more but eases when I am not sitting down so I’ve kept moving slowly most of the afternoon. I finally got my Chief Wiggum Fergburger about 5pm after an hours wait (i had time to book into campsite, put up tent, change and get back for it). It was really pleasant sat eating on the wall overlooking the lake and watching mullet man’s repeat performance, he is very good!

Queenstown is busy with representatives from the whole world’s ethnic mix seemingly here, and is certainly living up to its reputation as the adventure capital of the world. But its funny how busier places with lots of visitors make it harder to meet people. Give me a Wanganui river,non touristy small nz town, tramping track, back country hut or remote cycle roadside any day. Mind you, you just have to make the most of any situation and you certainly don’t get Patagonia Chocolate cafes in these other places…. so when in Rome as they say!

One thought on “April 21st…….5 days to go

  1. Sorry to hear about your troublesome knee Nick – must be gutted.

    I’ve heard you don’t have to bend your knee so much with a penny farthing….

    Take it easy.


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