April 22nd……4 days to go


Caffeine high

Caffeine high


Good news for Gleonorchy

Good news for Gleonorchy

End of the trail?

End of the trail?

8pm Queenstown Holiday Park.

Well, I got to Glenorchy, my final and ultimate destination objective before I start travelling home. Admittedly it was not under my own steam but having witnessed the way the bus driver drove and the narrow, windy (and let’s be honest…. steep) road this may not have been such a bad thing.

The weather was not looking good, rain overnight and even a dusting of snow on those mountains I could see through the cloud. But then, as so often happens here, it began to lift and the clouds were melted away by the sun leaving only a few stragglers sheltering around the higher summits.

The driver was a bit of a comedian. I liked his “there are two types of possum introduced in New Zealand, the ring tailed possum and the one you see flattened on the roads….the squashum!” First time I’d heard it but its probably been round NZ for years.

Beautiful Glenorchy is very much the same as last time I came here with the family three years ago, I can remember Amie, Alice and I having a sword fight pretending to be LOTR characters ( I was Boromir and the girls were Merry and Pippin). I also remembered Alice and I having a swim off the wharf in the freezing glacial water! Not today!

Today was all about a different “chilling out” and that meant coffee. Lots of coffee in fact! I can conclude after extensive research that the best coffee is not the hotel (this was one of worst I’ve had), not the lodge ( not bad coffee and their cooked breakfast was absolutely splendid), it was the one whose name I can’t remember, the one on the right before the Glenorchy cafe (which I did not try for fear of bouncing off the walls)
Oh yes…Got it , The Trading Post

After 6 double shots I was on a bit of a caffeine high so thought I’d better go for a walk. My knee swelling had gone down overnight with some anti inflams so I thought I’d do the newly extended Glenorchy Walkway which was nice and flat and took about 90 mins going steady. That was enough for the old knee to object by swelling again so I went to the wharf and provided a photography service to anyone wanting a photo taken together.

Before the caffeine bells began to clang wildy I’d started to get into Eckhark Tolle’s “The power of now” book and several things in there began to strike a chord ( Skip the next 2 paragraphs now if you want to as I’m about to get all reflective and philosophical)

Firstly I understand now that I have always felt that there is something more than just using and depending totally on the mind to think, figure and sort out everything. Eckhart explains a higher level of consciousness, above what the mind thinks and does, of having an awareness of what your mind is up to which then allows you to free yourself from it. Yes, I know this is a bit deep but bear with me. Only when your mind’s stream of thoughts is stopped can you experience a deeper peace and fuller emotions like joy and love. Eckhart’s premise is around the mind being a useful but limiting tool which tries to dominate your whole being with judgements and order based on your upbringing, culture and norms…. and it usually succeeds.

I believe now that sometimes, particularly on this journey, I have found that higher level of consciousness and experienced some moments of absolute peace and joy with my surroundings and had a sense of my being completely in the present. I don’t know how I did this at those times so can’t yet turn it on and off (I’m only on page 25!). It tends to happen with certain triggers such as going through a tough physical test, or in a beautiful setting which just stops your usual stream of thoughts in its tracks and allows you to take the moment in fully, or from an emotional feeling with people which rises to the fore and then becomes a more powerful deeper emotion of joy, empathy, even love.

OK, that’s probably enough of that hippy stuff for one blog but I’m on to something that I’d like to develop further.I think women have already cracked it, in the main, but us blokes struggle.

I texted Christine and exchanged a few chats, Christine certainly “gets it” and probably much more than I do.

Great to read about an American philanthropic couple who have property in Glenorchy are supporting the community there. They have now bought the holiday park too and are working to develop it for everyone’s benefit.

Karla also got in touch to wish me well. We certainly shared some moments “in the now” together, the most powerful one for me was the pure shared joy of riding in the truck with the dogs to Puhoi after a really hard slog and time being against us.

I’ve arranged to meet up with David in Christchurch tomorrow, sounds like he has sorted a job and has a place to live which is really great. We’ll have a final meal together and its sounding Mexican!

So, my homeward journey begins tomorrow.

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